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Hi everyone! I’m Nick Caruso and I am an actor currently based in Conyers, GA. After several years of jumping from city to city on the regional theater circuit, I am very happy to be settled back in the Atlanta area to immerse myself in this thriving artistic community.

I love sketch comedy, cartoons, musical theatre, The Muppets, Ben Folds, pizza, Superheroes, video games, Podcasts, Punk Rock, action movies, stand-up comedy, singing Journey songs at Karaoke, scripted TV, working with my hands and fully embracing my inner Geek


Of course, none of those things would be as fun to experience if I wasn’t surrounded by my family. My wife Jenni and I met in a production of the Rocky Horror Show where I was cast as Riff Raff and she was Magenta. 18 years later we have 2 beautiful daughters; Fiona,7 and Zola, 4.

Jenni works as a High School drama teacher/director and, in my spare time from other projects, I can often be found at the school volunteering as the resident set builder and sound & lighting designer.

In addition to acting, I am also a freelance Web and Graphic Designer working under the banner Fozo Creative Solutions. In fact, I built THIS very site from the ground up.


Do you like it?

If not…forget what I said. I was just kidding. If you wan’t, I’ll give you the name and address of the people responsible so you can write a scathing Yelp review. I SWEAR it wont be one of my competitors.

Thanks for stopping by my little home on the web. Please feel free to connect with me through this site and also on social media.


Okay, Bye. 

– Nick 

Baby Zola

Baby Fiona

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