Actor - Singer - Voice Artist

Photo credit: Tara Gulledge

Photo credit: Tara Gulledge

I'm not just a pretty face...

although let’s be honest, it’s a pretty great face.

One minute I’m a tough guy, the next I’m a cuddly teddy bear. Sometimes, I end up in awkward situations, and my face only makes things more cringey. Trust me, it’s a talent.

And let’s talk about my mouth – it’s not just for eating and smiling. I can make all kinds of sounds and voices, from serious to silly, and even crush a Power Ballad. Of course, I’ve got a whole collection of other body parts* too!

So, if you’re looking to work with someone that’s more than just a pretty face (but seriously, have you seen this face?), let’s team up and make something unforgettable!

* I am no longer in possession of my tonsils. I hope that’s not a deal breaker

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