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I’m an Asshole

Honestly, that’s what it said on my dressing room door!

I was lucky enough to be cast as the “Asshole in the Crowd” for the Las Vegas concert scene in episode 3 of George & Tammy. Standing in for Las Vegas (in this instance) was Wilmington, North Carolina, a beautiful city with a long history of film/tv that I had never had the pleasure of visiting before. 

I arrived in Wilmington with nervous energy and a bushy beard and left four days later with a babyface and new credit for my resume. 

During the in-between days, I saw a battleship, sported a cheesy porno mustache, talked to Steve Zahn about our kids, congratulated Jessica Chastain on her less-than-a-week-old Oscar win for “The Eyes of Tammy Faye,” and awkwardly fanboyed over Walton Goggins and his career. Oh, we also talked about good times in Athens. GA and jammed out to Drivin N Cryin. 

Everywhere I went on set, people were like, “Hey, is our asshole here?” and “Oh, so you’re the asshole!” One of the ADs said I had the show’s best character name so far.

Even though it was eventually changed to “Heckler in the Crowd” for the final production listing, I will always be an asshole at heart.

Check out the scene below.

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